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Business Registration in PH : A Checklist of All the Things that You Need

Planning to start your own company in the Philippines? Aside from capital, structure and raw materials, you also need to comply with some regulatory requirements from the government to avoid legal consequences. We provided a checklist of all the requirements and permits needed for you to legally operate your business in the Philippines. 1. Register Your Business Name You first need to secure your preferred business name with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You can use the internet to check if your brand name is unique and doesn’t have a duplicate entity name before registering it with the SEC. […]

Time to Act Now: Ways to Detect and Prevent Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud is one of the most common form of employee fraud which involves the unauthorized use of financial data in order to steal money from the company. This scheme, considered as one of the industry’s worst form of corporate scandal, can happen to any businesses and involves financial losses and severe liabilities to organizations worldwide. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about accounting fraud including tips on how to detect and prevent it from happening. Fraud Gracing the Headlines One of the most recent headlines in the Philippines regarding this crime happened last July […]

Money Talk: Computing Holiday Pays in PH

For employees, holidays means vacation – and a great time for them to spend more quality moments with their loved ones. While for employers and human resource personnels, a holiday is an adjustment to one’s payslip – and a holiday pay is required to be given for workers. Shutterstock As the employer, it’s your money that you will use to pay for those adjustments, that’s why you should be responsible on knowing how to calculate holiday pays. In this article, we had prepared a list of holidays in the Philippines for this year 2017 to keep you in track of […]

April 27 and 28 Declared as Non-Working Holidays in Metro Manila

Friday — April 21, 2017 –Manila, Philippines — The Malacañamg Palace had ordered the suspension of work within Metro Manila in preparation for the upcoming Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit that will be held in Pasay City. What Dates are Included? According to Memorandum Circular No. 18 released by Malacañang: April 27, 2017 (Thursday) is considered as a non-working holiday for government offices, especially in cities like Pasay, Makati and other parts of Manila, while April 28, 2017 (Friday) should be classified as a special (non-working) holiday for both public and private business sectors as mentioned in […]

Meet Marvin Galang, Philippine’s Head Advisor for Xero

It is our full honor and privilege to announce Marvin Galang as Xero’s Head Advisor for the Philippines. Marvin Galang is the Chief Process Officer of Double Rule, and is now also part of Xero’s growing family. Starting off as an auditor, Marvin’s journey to the corporate world led him to his true passion, which is small businesses. Using his extensive knowledge on information systems, he started Double Rule, an accounting firm that combines the concepts of both cloud-based systems and accounting, which is dedicated on helping start-ups thrive, and adapt with today’s technology. Starting Off A Whole New Chapter […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive at Work Even During the Holidays

“Tis the season to be jolly!” — This phrase alone can simply describe the holidays itself. Probably at this point forward, the ambiance of the yuletide season can easily be felt everywhere. With several stores selling santa hats and toys, companies celebrating their own christmas parties as well as other year end celebration so to speak, and of course, the hums of christmas carols echoing on the air. Flickr (Patti Ashton) Now, things might be a little difficult if you’re an employee who often gets distracted by the holiday rush. Imagine all that excitement of spending quality time with your […]

4 Tips on Engaging with Employees During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again! — The holidays is just around the corner, and maybe at this moment, you’re now busy buying gifts and planning your team’s christmas party. Sometimes, you might find it hard to organize these kinds of celebration due to the fact that you still have plenty of work to do before the end of the year and that those tasks have deadlines that you should catch up with. But don’t panic, for we will share 4 ideas on how you would efficiently engage with employees during the holiday season. Flickr by State Farm. A […]

6 Ways to Get Noticed By Millennial Clients

Shutterstock An accounting firm should not only base its growth on excellence in handling financials, calculations, reporting and advisory, but it should also focus on client acquisition and retention. You should remember that in every generation, one thing that would connect your business with them is through proper engagement and creating strong relationships. Here are 6 ways on how you could attract clients especially on the millennial side, and build loyalty between both parties. The DIY Generation’s Edge Shutterstock In a report by JD Power, it showed that millennials had always been the much more edgier generation than baby boomers. […]

Xero Alert: Phishing in Xero Invoice Emails

Phishing (often called as brand spoofing) is a type of internet fraud which had infiltrated computers and businesses for years, and when we say “businesses” it means no exceptions. Recently, Xero updated their security noticeboard with reports regarding Xero Invoice Phishing emails, and shared some ways on how to avoid becoming a victim of these kinds of email fraud. Xero Blog ( Something’s Not Right Wednesday – September 21, 2016 — Xero released an update to their blog site regarding fake emails that are being sent to Xero customers, and tricks victims to enter their email and password (which is […]

Becoming A Beacon of Change for Your Firm

The world as we know it is changing and it’s moving really fast — Ever since the existence of cloud technology in the accounting industry, not only did it made a huge impact to the processes of several CPA firms, but it also played a huge part in today’s workforce as it raised their expectations and motivated accountants on having a higher purpose. Shutterstock An Observation with Today’s Workforce Years ago, most CPA firms does old-school tactics and are purely focused on doing critical calculations with the use of pencils, paper journals and handy dandy calculators. By that time, if […]