Xerocon Preppers Part Two: Discovering the Taste of San Francisco

Xerocon Preppers Part Two: Discovering the Taste of San Francisco

San Francisco is not only filled with wonders due to it’s perfect tourist spots and fantastic heritage sites, but it’s also known for having the finest cuisines adapted from all parts of the world — and a perfect getaway for foodies! Welcome to part 2 of our Xerocon Preppers article series, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 5 places where you can eat, drink, and discover the taste of San Francisco.


1. Gary Danko Restaurant

As one of the famous restaurants at San Francisco, Gary Danko restaurant represents a fusion of classic French and Californian cuisine. Located at Fisherman’s Wharf, the ambiance of the place is truly inviting as you’ll be welcomed with the sight of orchids and artworks that will surely amuse you.

Sooth your taste buds with their classic Italian specialties like:

  • Buckwheat blini with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and caviar.
  • Edamame and tarragon.
  • Salsify and lettuce cream.
  • Horseradish-crusted salmon with dilled cucumbers.
  • Roast maine lobster.
  • For dessert — baked chocolate soufflé with two sauces!

Surely, visiting Gary Danko restaurant is a life changing dining experience for full pledged food aficionados.

2. Delfina

If you are looking for a sumptuous experience of tasting delicious Italian gourmet dishes, then Delfina restaurant is the place to be! You will totally love the food and their service is indeedly great!

This Italian restaurant wows food goers with their vibrant atmosphere which gives customers a “feel at home” vibe, and a wide range of Italian cuisines like:

  • Classic Italian pastas that melts in your mouth.
  • Spaghetti with plum tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.
  • Roast chicken, calamari with white bean and tripe alla fiorentina.
  • Pork saltimbocca.
  • Classic Italian pizza with thin crust.
  • Panna Cotta and other desserts that will attract your sweet tooth.

3. Quince

Taking inspiration from Italian and French cuisine, Quince showcases 19th century Italian culture, fusing simplicity and extravagance as they serve tasty French and Italian dishes from the freshest local ingredients.

Aside from serving delicious pasta dishes, Quince also have beef sugo with wild mushrooms; crab stuffed petrale sole paired up with rich blood orange juice, and duck with quince and buttered parsnips which tastes so delicious!

Accompanied with a delightful list of wines and romantic scenery, Quince is the place that you would think of when it comes to special occasions and fantastic dinner dates.

4. Benu Restaurant

This fine dining restaurant is surely a hit for those who are looking to taste exquisite flavors from different parts of the world. Combining Californian cuisines with Asian flavours, satisfy your tourist palate with dishes like Xiao Long Bao, tasty seafood cuisines, and of course how can we forget that black truffle butter dessert which keeps people coming back for more.

5. Ton Kiang

Craving for an epic dim sum experience? You don’t have to go to mainland China just to taste one! Here at California you can visit Ton Kiang restaurant and indulge on their wide variety of delicious chinese dishes.

Preferred to as “Hakka cuisine”, the dishes of Ton Kiang are based on Hakka region located  in China, and are influenced by Indian culture. Feast your eyes from their wide range of chinese dishes like:

  • Spring roll and chicken wonton soup.
  • Beef and fish-ball soup.
  • Minced chicken in lettuce wraps and;
  • Their specialty — crab in black bean sauce.

Part 3 of our Xerocon preppers series will focus more on the things to enjoy once you participate in this very exciting event!