Xerocon Preppers Part Three: Things to Enjoy During Xerocon

Xerocon Preppers Part Three: Things to Enjoy During Xerocon

If you want to be “in the know” of the latest improvements made to Xero accounting software, then Xerocon is the perfect event to watch out for. This is where you can learn, interact with the minds that kickstarted this helpful accounting application and have fun! Here is part 3 of our Xerocon Preppers article series, and today we’ll be discussing top 5 things to enjoy in Xerocon.


1. Accountants Thrown in the Mix

People would usually depict accountants as individuals holding calculators and tons of files while sporting a tie with geeky glasses. The accounting business is not always about being busy at work though, for these accountants can also strut the dance floor whenever there’s a party — especially when there’s Xerocon!

Xerocon is where you get to know other accountants that does the business like you do. This is where you could do network with other CPAs and several accounting firms which are partners with Xero, share knowledge with them in terms of handling business workflow, and party like rock stars together as you dance the night away! Not only you can meet new and exciting people in this event, but you can also gain new clients in the process.

2. Add-ons Galore

Xerocon is the best event for you to indulge with their wide array of add-ons which can suit the needs of your business. The add-on marketplace is filled with stalls where you can get to see and test the latest additions to xero’s ever growing community of add-on partners from services like invoicing, billing, debt management and so much more, you will find it all here!

3. The Surprises

Xerocon is also the place where the biggest surprises happen! I still remembered that Xero Spring Street tram which roamed the streets of Melbourne, the surprise appearance of the “Dancing Accountant” where he danced his way to the add-on marketplace and had fun with the audiences at the event, and Chaser app’s knight in shining armor Sir Chasealot, who went to Xerocon in full gear! Now I’m starting to wonder what’s next?

4. Be the First to Know

Like any events, Xerocon is the place where you’ll be the one who gets the early sap of juicy information. Imagine that privilege of exclusively seeing the newest Xero features and test it first hand. Surely after Xerocon you will have that “Yeah, I know it. I’ve been there” factor, which makes you very proud to be a participant of this stellar event!

5. The Learning

But of course, Xerocon is an event that is well known for providing the best learning experience to its audiences. With Xerocon, you get to learn new innovative techniques on how to use Xero, and improve your cashflow.

You can also grasp some knowledge with the newest business concepts from the experts of the industry itself, and be inspired with keynotes from various speakers. Truly, attending Xerocon will be an informative yet fun experience that every accounting firm and Xero partner should not miss.

Part 4 of our Xerocon preppers series will discuss tips that can help you prepare once you become a part of Xerocon 2016!