Xerocon Preppers Part One: Places to Visit in San Francisco

Xerocon Preppers Part One: Places to Visit in San Francisco

“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair — you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. – Scott Mckenzie”


San Francisco is full of many tourist attractions that can capture the attention of the human eye. Not only it’s filled with places to eat and dine, or parks where you can do recreational activities,

but it also helps you relive history as you discover thousands of relics and artworks from various museums and heritage sites. This is part 1 of our five-part series in preparation for Xerocon 2016, and we take a look at 5  tourist destinations that you should visit before or even after Xerocon.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

This place will always be the first thing that comes to your mind once you think of the word “San Francisco”. Built in 1937, this iconic structure is considered as one of the most famous bridges, and is part of the seven wonders of the world.

2. Alcatraz Island

From prison to tourist attraction, it was the place of the first lighthouse in Western U.S until it became a military and federal prison from 1868 up to 1963. As of now, it is being managed by the National Park Service and is open for tourists. Once you visit the island you will have a tour on some of the famous cell houses populated by some of its famous inmates like George “Machine Gun” Kelly and “Chicago Outfit” boss, the ever popular Al Capone.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

Another one of San Francisco’s finest attractions, whether you want to shop, dine for food or visit museums, you can find it all here at Fisherman’s Wharf. Considered as one of the busiest and popular tourist attractions in San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf is the location of Pier 39, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, and the floating Forbes Island restaurant.

4. Legion of Honor

Formerly known as “The California Palace of the Legion of Honor”, this museum has a collection of ancient artworks spanning for about more than 6,000 years. Dedicated for Californian soldiers who bravely fought and died during World War I, this historical infrastructure is part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF).

5. Yerba Buena Gardens

Located at the heart of San Francisco, Yerba Buena Gardens  features a wide range of great tourist destinations dedicated for children and people who are young at heart. It has a children’s garden where you can breathe and enjoy fresh air, a museum, a carousel, bowling centers and of course, the Martin Luther King Memorial Fountain.

On the second part of our article we will discuss the best places to eat in the heart of the Golden State, so stay tuned!