Xerocon Preppers Part Five: Why Join Xerocon San Francisco 2016?

Xerocon Preppers Part Five: Why Join Xerocon San Francisco 2016?

Xerocon 2016 is fast approaching! — Have you already made a checklist for the places you’re planning to visit, or the foods that you’re about to eat? Have you already planned the things that you should bring once you register for this event or you still need approval from your superior?

Welcome to the fifth and last part of our Xerocon Preppers article series, and today we will share the reasons on why you and your team should register and join Xerocon San Francisco 2016.


1. A Unique Bonding Experience for Accountants

Xerocon is dedicated for accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and Xero partners alike. That’s why all topics in the conference will entirely focus on you and your team’s expertise. Yes, It would be best if you attend Xerocon and bring the whole team with you.

The event provides educational keynotes from speakers which will help you on upgrading your firm’s practice to another level. In addition to that, aside from geniuses of the craft speaking at the event, you and your team can also learn from other accounting firms, share knowledge with them and exchange insights on how to make the most profits out of your firm.

It also serves as a great wake up call for firms to start embracing change, as technology shift is rapidly moving in the world of business. If you bring your team with you, Xerocon could become a unique learning and team building experience for everybody.

2.  Firm Foundation for Small Business

Xerocon is an event that will not only focus on Xero accounting software, but there would be topics where you will discover new ways of helping your clients, opening up possible opportunities for your firm, and evolve your good accounting services to it’s full potential, making it a firm foundation for startups.

3. Exploring the Financial Web

Audiences at the event will also have a chance to explore the world of financial web. Financial web is starting to revolutionize the way we handle business. Along with cloud technology, both of these components helps us on doing reconciliation with any device and perform other tasks in Xero. One of the topics that will be discussed at Xerocon is the change that financial web brought to business, as well as to the accounting world.

4. The Network Effect

Yet another topic that will be discussed at Xerocon are the effects of networking in your practice.

Learning how to engage effectively with clients can build strong relationship and trust, which can lead to the firm making more clients and money at the same time, and if you’re this kind of accountant who loves making business connections and wants to know some strategic planning and challenges in doing network with businesses, then this event is suitable for you!

5. Don’t Get Left Behind

Be the first to know the next functionalities that will make the cut through the list of Xero’s elite set of features. As first hand users of this accounting software, it would be better if you get the latest news, and expand your accounting repertoire with tricks and other life hacks in using Xero.

Xerocon is also the place where you might find solutions that will solve your firm’s day to day dilemmas. Furthermore, top accounting firms attend Xerocon because they love the product, and if you also love the features of Xero and want to learn more about it, then why shouldn’t you join?

On August 15 -17, Pier 27 Cruise Terminal — The biggest cloud accounting conference of the year comes to San Francisco. Enjoy two days of fun and exciting events, with many guest speakers who will share their expertise in Xero and other accounting related topics. Surely Xerocon is something that you don’t really want to miss!

Book now and don’t miss your chance on becoming a part of this exciting conference. Save your spot and Register for Xerocon San Francisco 2016 today!