Top 10 Latest News on Pokémon Go

Top 10 Latest News on Pokémon Go

Fans of the hit Japanese video game turned anime Pokémon, were crazed when Niantic released Pokémon Go, an interactive mobile app which uses GPS (Global Positioning System) on locating these pocket monsters and catching them using mobile phones. Here are 10 of the latest headlines in the world of Pokémon Go.


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1. Pokémon Go Returns Home

Two weeks after dominating countries like New Zealand and Australia, Pokémon Go is rumored to be finally launched in Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon phenomenon.

According to TechCrunch, Niantic Labs, the developer of the game, will make Pokémon Go available in Japan tomorrow (July 20, 2016). The launch of the game might also lead to Niantic partnering with McDonald’s on turning 3,000 of their franchise restaurants to Pokémon gyms.

Although Niantic still hasn’t given any response to this rumor, making this launch will elevate the status of Japan as the first country in Asia where the Pokémon Go Mania will happen.

2. Pokémon Go Doubling Nintendo’s Market Value

As Pokémon Go became available in 35 countries, the more it gains success as the firm’s market capitalization have been doubled to 4.5 trillion yen ($42.5 billion) in just seven sessions since the game’s launch. Here is a statement from Takashi Oba, a senior strategist from Okasan Securities:

“I’ve never seen the trend of such a big company’s shares changing so quickly in such a short period of time,”

Developers of the product were unexpectedly shaken by this enormous success, as Pokémon Go’s popularity is rapidly moving in different countries around the world.

3. Wanted Man Caught While Catching ‘Em All

William Wilcox, a man from Milford, Michigan was arrested by the police after stopping by their police station to play Pokémon GO. According to Milford Police Chief Tom Lindberg, Wilcox went to the police station in pajamas as he rides his bike, following a map to a nearby Poké gym, and unluckily it was in their station.

Why would he be unlucky? It’s because he had a warrant out for his arrest. Milford police officers had already recognized Wilcox as he made his way to the station, so they made the move and arrested him just in time.

4. She Didn’t See That Coming

Autumn Deiseroth, a 15 year old girl was hit by a car while playing Pokémon Go. It was said that the girl had crossed the intersection and never saw the vehicle coming.This is just one of those many accidents that were related to Pokémon Go.

According to Deiseroth, in able to catch a Pokémon, she was forced to cross the four-lane road. In a statement given by Deiseroth to WTAE, she said:

“To where it is set up, we have to cross roads to go get it, I do blame it.”

Deiseroth was not the only patient who became a victim of these kinds of accidents, as told by a spokesperson from UPMC. As of now, the police are also conducting investigations on crashes where drivers, allegedly, are also playing Pokémon Go.

5. Frenchman Does Trespassing… and Gets Arrested

A 27 year old frenchman named Roman Pierre was arrested when he accidentally bumped into an Indonesian military base while playing Pokémon Go.

According to Yusri Yunus, the French businessman was just “hunting for Pokémons” when he accidentally entered a security compound in Cirebon, West Java. He tried to flee , but was caught, and arrested for hours before being released.

6. Igniting Debates in Middle East

Pokémon Go had stirred mixed reactions from some countries in the Middle East as religious and political groups gave thoughts on the mobile app:

A debate have sparked in Egypt regarding the mobile application, saying that Pokémon Go should be banned for it’s an ominous threat to world’s security sites. Al-Azhar University deputy chair Abbas Shuman discourages young muslims to play the game, since what only Pokémon Go can cause is addiction to students.

Some religious institutions believed that Pokémon, as per both the game and the anime should be banned, due to some symbols that are heavily related to religion like crosses, triangles (freemasons) and Japan’s symbols of Shintoism (there is more than one God).

7. Vaporeon Causes Chaos

All hell broke loose when users of Pokémon Go runs through traffic after seeing a Pokémon in Central Park (NYC).

It was just a normal day at Central Park when suddenly this happened: A  Vaporeon just showed up in the middle of Central Park. Well, for your information, a Vaporeon is a water type Pokémon, and is considered as a rare breed of pocket monster. Vaporeon’s sighting at Central Park caused traffic and stampede from those people who wants to catch this cute Pokémon.

8. Catch ‘Em Coastguard

Wirral, Merseyside — a group of Pokémon Go users tried to stole a boat and rowed across the lake in hopes of catching a Pokémon.

03:15 BST (British Summer Time), when crews stormed New Brighton Marine lake after noticing that a boat was missing. According to the coastguard present in the event, the Pokémon Go users had left by the time they arrived, and all they found was the boat floating. Rumor is that these group of people decided to use the boat without permission, as they try to catch a Pokémon in the middle of the lake.

9. Business Opportunities for Pokémon Go Accounts

Many Pokémon Go accounts with high levels and rare breeds of Pokémon are being sold to auction sites such as Ebay. This is made for those who would pay just to have those achievements in Pokémon Go and catch the best advanced Pokémon as possible. These accounts in Pokémon Go are ranging from £5 to thousands of pounds.

10. DDoS Attack on Pokémon Go

Poodlecorp, a group of hackers is planning to take over the servers of Pokémon Go and make it offline for August 1. This was clearly stated in Poodlecorp’s threat in social media, as they are planning to do series of DDoS attacks on the popular mobile application.