Technologies that will Define the Next Decade

Technologies that will Define the Next Decade

Improvement is one thing which keeps mankind surviving in this ever changing world. There are no how-to manuals on achieving it, the only thing to do is for one to start thinking of concepts based on what outputs he wanted to see, and utilize the things present in front of him.


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Technology is one great example of it — Over the years, with the help of technology, people had produced so many inventions that improved the way we do things. These innovations had also changed our lifestyle, thus turning technology into necessity. Looking ahead, what would be the technologies that will leave a mark for the next 10 years to come?

Technology Reading the Future

Internet as Technology’s Backbone — I remembered a scene in one of my favorite movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where one of the characters describes the 21st century as a “digital book”, where everyday information from public to the most confidential ones like “bank records, medical history, voting patterns, emails, phone calls and MSAT scores” can be read with the help of technology and the internet.

There are lots of DIY video tutorials out there which can help people on solving problems and learn almost everything. Knowledges from the most basic (e.g. doing braids; how to use the plunger properly) to the complicated ones (e.g. using a software; editing an image) mostly came out from the experiences of those who done it and then they posted it in the internet. As the line goes: “Technology knows how to evaluate people’s past and predict their future”. At first, seems like this scene from the movie is just another scientific mumbo jumbo in order to sell the film and is impossible to happen in real life, but with what is happening today where technology makes its way to all walks of life and transforming the world, rest assured that the possibilities are endless.

1. Software Upgrades

First on the list is the inevitability of most applications to add new features to their repertoire. As more clients are using these products for everyday processes, the more software companies will encounter much higher expectations from their customers. In this battle of wits and strategies between software industries, expect that the competition will be stiff, and that all of these companies will aim to make themselves better every year.

2. Rise of 5G Wireless Mobile Networks

Following the footsteps of 3G and 4G, 5G wireless will forge a new era in the world of communication and mobile networking.

While this kind of network being implemented still seems to be a fantasy, more companies are anticipating that this new breed of technology will bring a dramatic change to the business world, since not only it might end problems such as app stalling and video faltering, but because this innovation is 100 times faster than its predecessors, it will bring improvements in customer service and transactions as it allow 3D video capabilities and interactive meetings with clients.You may also add the ability of 5G to handle multiple devices at once and support higher device types.

3. Escaping the Reality


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Another possible innovation that might bring big changes to business is the full utilization of mixed reality.

The use of the term “virtual reality” is never a stranger to most people, especially to those who had already experienced using these gadgets like Kinect and Oculus Rift which allows them to escape from reality and discover new worlds.

Virtual devices were usually meant for entertainment, fun and games but as of late, there were companies out there which uses this technology for business types like healthcare where surgeons are doing surgery simulations and NASA using it for outer space travel tests.

But imagine a virtual reality where you can communicate with your clients and work with team members using telepresence, and be able to create digital designs and layouts for business locations just by dragging and dropping digital building templates on a vacant area. The doors for probability are always there, and only time would tell on when these kinds of technology becomes the new norm in every business sectors.

4. Internet Data Expansion

The implementation and usage of big data for business will play an important factor for the years to come. That’s why once networks like 5G which produces larger bandwidths become available, we should also expect the imminent arrival of much larger memory sizes. As of now, the largest memory size ever recorded is the Yottabyte which is equivalent to 1,024 Zettabytes. It’s also possible that the world’s largest smartphone companies might also compete with each other in launching the first ever smartphone which can handle these kinds of large data capacity.

5. Machine Learning will Become A Trend

As of now, there are many kinds of software which allows machine learning, a process in which a certain program or system so to speak, can interpret data and think like a human being. There were also visual learning robots which extracts and analyzes internet data and then relaying those data to other machines (e.g. Diffbot). Although most of these are just concepts and is still not yet available, it’s still hard to disagree that in the future, every processes would be handled by pure robotics.

The concept of machines, big data and automation taking over is still a possibility, after all these years that technology became widely present in everyone’s household and offices. It’s no wonder that 10 years from now, machine learning and the utilization of big data will become a major trend and a powerful workhorse that will change the way we see the world.