Search For Anything: Xero’s New Feature Explored

Search For Anything: Xero’s New Feature Explored

Since Xero’s emergence in the world of accounting, many people including me were fascinated with the features of this software. From the wide array of options to choose from, they made accounting easy and affordable to users worldwide. Xero wanted to be on the top of their game, and they nailed it with this new feature they’ve released! In this article we will explore Xero’s innovative breakthrough, the Universal Search feature.



An Easy Way to Search

There are some businesses who experiences expansion of clients, and as their clients expands, as well as their transactions. Sometimes it’s quite hard to look for specific details especially if there are many transactions on the list. To solve this problem, users made this request of having a search option for the beloved accounting software. Xero listened, they made the upgrade, and we were not disappointed with the results.

How it Works?

To search for transaction details, just simply click the magnifying icon then enter any information from the transaction, like name of the client, invoice number etc., or open search by typing a forward slash (/) in your screen in Xero. Close your search by just clicking the esc key.

Accessing areas on your Xero account, as well as adding contacts and transactions can be done in no time! Just enter the following shortcut keys and click links for adding:

Contacts – Type “c”. Add new contact by clicking “+ Add new” link

Invoices –  Type “i”. Add new invoice by clicking “+ Add new” link

Bills – Type “b”. Add new bill by clicking “+ Add new” link

Quotes – Type “q”. Add new quote by clicking “+ Add new” link

Purchase Orders – Type “p”. Add new purchase order by clicking “+ Add new” link

All Bank Accounts- Type “a”.

Dashboard – Type “d”.

Having this kind of feature being added to Xero’s arsenal is a great innovation for the product since this brings more ease and efficiency to your work and it also saves you time. So in behalf of all users out there, thank you Xero for making this happen!