New Improvements to Xero Android App Revealed

New Improvements to Xero Android App Revealed

Thursday – September 22, 2016 — Xero announced the newest developments present in the Xero Touch Android application. All of these improvements are part of Xero’s continuous dedication in bringing the best mobile experience for the users of Xero accounting software.




An Easier Way of Searching Organizations

If you are working with multiple organizations in your Xero Android app, then there’s no need for you to scroll all the way down just to get to the organization you wanted. The improved Xero Touch app now has a “magnifying glass” icon located in the My Xero screen for users to quickly search for any desired organization.

Effortless Reconciliation through Notifications

The improved Xero for Android App has notifications which lets you know if there’s a new transaction to be reconciled.

Xero will send a push notification to your device so that you will know how many transactions are available in your account. You also have the freedom to choose what accounts you should receive notifications for, to keep track of everyday activities.

To enable push notifications, click your organization name once you logged in with your account, then go to the organization settings in your dashboard then turn on the toggle button for New transactions to reconcile. Once your bank accounts appear, choose the toggle switch of the account that you want notifications to push into.


You can also turn off the notifications just by going to My Xero Settings and switching off Receive notifications on this device, or just by switching off New transactions to reconcile.

New improvements were also made for the User role section of the Xero Android app:

a. Invoice Only/Purchase Only

This user role can now create spend money transactions with the receipts feature in the app. Create a spend money transaction by choosing the business account in the “How did you pay?” field when creating a receipt.

b. Draft Only/Invoice Only

After creating a new invoice, users can submit the invoice for approval by clicking the paper plane icon and selecting the Submit option.

You can try these features of Xero Touch for Android by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.