Meet Marvin Galang, Philippine’s Head Advisor for Xero

Meet Marvin Galang, Philippine’s Head Advisor for Xero

It is our full honor and privilege to announce Marvin Galang as Xero’s Head Advisor for the Philippines. Marvin Galang is the Chief Process Officer of Double Rule, and is now also part of Xero’s growing family.


Starting off as an auditor, Marvin’s journey to the corporate world led him to his true passion, which is small businesses. Using his extensive knowledge on information systems, he started Double Rule, an accounting firm that combines the concepts of both cloud-based systems and accounting, which is dedicated on helping start-ups thrive, and adapt with today’s technology.

Starting Off A Whole New Chapter

Marvin shared his thoughts on taking the role of Head Advisor for Xero:

“Honored and ecstatic knowing that this responsibility will not be given unless you reach a certain level of trust. It’s an affirmation that all our focus, hard work, commitment – decisions we made in choosing to partner with Xero 3 years ago is being acknowledged and recognized.”

When asked on what things he’s looking forward to as Xero makes its way to the Philippines, Marvin said that he’s excited to share the experience to all startups out there, and reflected on his first three years with Xero.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity of sharing the experience. I did not find Xero.  Xero was introduced.  And hesitant as I was 3 years ago, I know what our fellow accountants feel. But someone did not give up on us and believed that we would eventually “convert,” and we did. We just can’t wait to share the experience and eventually hear them say, “moving to Xero is one of the best decisions I’ve made.””

To Marvin, we would like to congratulate you for taking this new role with Xero accounting software. We are truly blessed, and proud to say that now we’re ready to start this new chapter in Double Rule’s continuous journey to success. Like what one of my mentors always tell me, “Cool Beans!”