Marketing Matters: Using Videos to Advertise Your Business

Marketing Matters: Using Videos to Advertise Your Business

There are many ways on how you could advertise your startup, and introduce your business to the world: a cool website, a blog, social media posts, and the list goes on. But if you really want to make an effective call to action to your audiences, then using videos to market your business is the best solution.


Videos often engage people in a way that texts and photos cannot, and thanks to today’s technology, there are many video applications that can help you create useful marketing videos that can promote your products at a low cost!

What Videos Could I Make?

Planning on using videos to advertise your startup? Check out these ideas listed below:

1. Viral Ad Campaigns

Considered as one of the most popular forms of sales videos, most companies as of late would prefer to leverage social media to advertise their products and services. With viral sales videos circulating in websites such as Facebook and even Youtube, you can easily build connection and recognition through Ad Campaigns.

2. Educational Videos

Show, Don’t Tell — Much like Google search engines, online video websites is also the place where people would search for answers to everyday struggles. In fact, people would prefer watching tutorials in video streaming sites because they want to see the actual process of solving a problem.

If you’re knowledgeable in a certain topic, you can also do some online training videos that would be useful for the viewers. For example, you want to promote a specific software, you can do online videos that will demonstrate the features of your system to your audiences and let them see the effectiveness of the product you’re selling.

3. Testimonials

If your business has an impressive record of providing the best of services, and you get most of the positive feedbacks from your clients, then you can also make a testimonial to capture these success stories. You can make videos of your clients where they can share how satisfied they are in using your product or service or how it solved a problem, thus improving their way of life.

When it comes to marketing, everyone can just make an assertion of how “good” and “number 1” their product/services are, but still, if you want an honest and reliable recommendation, then what you need to do instead of advertising the business yourself is to let other people do it for you.

4. Survey Videos

Their Opinions Matter — You can also try to add poll or surveys to your videos, and ask audiences on what they think about the product. Including this at the end of your tutorials can help add interactivity between you and your customers.