Delivering the Goods : The Fundamentals of Effective Marketing

Delivering the Goods : The Fundamentals of Effective Marketing

Starting up a business combines both time and effort before it become successful. One of those things that you’re aiming is for consumers to know your product and with that being said, having the public recognize your products and services is a great scenario, since not only you’re gaining the trust of your customers but it also expands your market share.



1. Define Your Goal

Know the purpose of why you’re doing this advertisement. Is it for consumers to remember your product/service the moment it’s released? or you want them to remember the product for more years to come?

2. Know Your Prospects

You must also identify the ones who’ll be the target of your advertisement. If you’re planning to do a viral video on the internet, you must make sure that the advertisement that you’ll gonna make should be applicable for the ones viewing it. Then add a modern twist to it, since the generation today digs that.

3. Think New and Timely

You should get out of your comfort zone and think out of the box ideas that will bring enthusiasm to the customers of your product. Learn to cross borders as you think of ideas that no other business has done before. If you can, then surely you’ll be a leader and will never be a catch-up to other businesses.

4. Quality is the Game

An advertisement can also reflect the identity of the business. Make sure that you can introduce your product in the simplest yet most efficient way. That’s quality of the advertisement equals the quality of the product, and it’s the thing that most viewers wanted to see.

5. Tell A Story

There are many ways on how you can grab the attention of your customers. Funny ads brings laughter to those who view it, some will scare them, some will gain empathy, but mostly those advertisements as time goes by gets remembered by many. With these kinds of advertisements you’re not only selling them your products, you’re also telling them a story.

6. Utilize the Power of Social Media

Since the arrival of the internet, many businesses have used it as a gateway to all their clients. This is considered as the biggest culture shift, and with this comes the fastest innovations to the business world.

Visiting social media sites  is one of those things that most people do everyday. They like to view posts, comment, like, and sharing posts to others. As of now, the world of social media is expanding.

You must build a bridge of connection with your customers. Listen to what they’re about to say and talk with those who liked your post. Proper communication with them can lead to good relationships, and with that you can make more clients/customers.

7. Don’t Bother, Let them See You

Sometimes, there are consumers that doesn’t want to be bothered. There are times that most people gets sick of banner ads that they click the x on it, so how are you gonna gain their attention if they keep flushing you out of their phones?

Customers likes somebody who can connect with them and peek their interest. With you in social media acting timely on current events and getting interactive with the customers is one way to attract. They will see you, and they will come to you, increasing your ROI.

Never Ran Out of Ideas

Never stop to think of ideas that may catch the market’s attention. There are many ways on how you can promote your product to the world. There are commercials, product advertisements in social media sites, and so much more. Every year, new concepts will make its way to the market, what’s important is how you use them to promote your business with the public.