Advanced Feature Set Advanced Feature Set is devoted in providing the best services for accounting firms and vendors. That’s why advanced options are present in’s console page that will bring more automation to your payments. This article will let us explore’s client console page, and how the newest sync with Xero can make lives easier for you and your customers.


An Advanced Dimension

With an improved interface, you can explore’s user-friendly tools that will help you in your daily tasks. The console page of offers new and advanced features that will give you the power of doing work efficiently:

  • Users can immediately get the information they need, thanks to the Console Info page.
  • The Logo page gives you the option of customizing the theme of your account by adding the logo of your company to it.
  • The My Staff page allows you to add staff, determine the console admin and the team members and assigning them to your clients.  Remember that console users are free while client users are billed ($3 per user).

The Features page also offers pay options to your clients:

  • Paperless – Get rid of those filing issues by having your bills being faxed, scanned and emailed.
  • Collaborate – You can share documents with members of your team.
  • Online – You can pay your vendors via check, e-payment or even paypal.
  • We Mean Business – Data are synchronized with your accounting system.

There are also payment lead times and limits

  • 5 business days lead time
  • 5 payments holding period
  • 4 banking days payment processing
  • 6PM PST deadline

Note: You could do cash forecasting and mail physical invoices using It also has integrated options for receiving electronic payments, but if you need approvals workflows, you can use Xero.

Sync with Xero

With’s recent direct integration with Xero, you will see some resemblances between and Xero’sMy Xero page. As per integration, you can integrate your account with Xero by having the following:

  1. You should have set up a bank account with Xero
  2. You should map your unallocated expense or unallocated income account

It’s Not that Different

Tip: In your Xero account, you must make sure that names of tracking categories should be Location orDepartment, so that it plays nicely with

Aside from Items and Chart of Accounts which are similar, here are some data in that are different in Xero.


Accountable Learning For All

Training is also available in’s console page. In the Advanced Training Page, you can become certifiied by learning these online courses:

  • Expert – This module shows you how to customize and automate for greater efficiency, as well as handling special payables and receivables.
  • Guru – This is an interactive course in which you will learn how you can utilize in your daily business needs, which will increase efficiency and profitability in your business. also has a demo company, but you have to set it up unlike Xero’s demo company. The demo page allows you to test’s features like bill processing etc., however setting up payment on account is not available.

Aside from the Demo Company, also have an Accountant Resource Center, where you can learn the best practice guidance, as well as effective tools in handling your AP/AR with the help of videos, FAQs and more.

Xero Upgrade Form

You can upgrade your OneSaas integration to the Xero 2.0 sync by filling out the Upgrade Request Form. This is the link for you to learn more information on the upgrade:

There are also exclusive benefits for Xero accounting partners. This offer last until March 31, 2016. To secure this offer, you should sign up using this link:

Improve the way you handle payments. Sign up to and visit the Accounting Console today and see the difference!