Benefits in Gusto: Automated Health Care for All

Benefits in Gusto: Automated Health Care for All

Whenever employees encounter unexpected health problems, the first thing that comes to their mind is to stick with health benefits in times of need. Utilizing those benefits can spare them from paying large expenses to hospitals and clinics. But the problem is enrolling for these benefits is a big hassle, since it consumes lots of time not only on filing and signing forms but also on going to offices of insurance providers. Another thing is that it takes a lot of paperwork before those benefits are being processed. If only they could find a solution for those problems to become automated.


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The Automation that Brought Happiness to All

Many users were thrilled when Gusto, a leader in payroll industry launched its health benefits feature. Gusto provided a concept on how they wanted health benefits to fit their software. They wanted to let the customers have an overview of their contributions once they avail these types of health plans. Imagine a software where you can electronically file your benefits with just a simple set-up. Not only that, it’s also done in a paperless fashion!

Processing Health Benefits

1. Click on Benefits and choose desired benefits

Gusto provides the best options for you, especially on choosing dependents and the plans you will take. There are three icons to choose from, representing benefits like Medical, Vision, and Dental.

2. Choose from those plans, then click the Get Started button.

Who’s covered – first procedure in enrolling benefits for Gusto. In this one you will choose your dependents and fill out information like:

a.) Relationship

b.) First Name

c.) Last Name

d.) Birth Date

e.) Gender

f.) SSN

After that click Save.

3. Choose Benefits – Choose again from the following benefit icons.

a.) Click the Pick a Plan button to enter the page and choose your plan.

Note: Your name, as the user will already be included in the plan. To include your dependent just click the checkbox.

b.) There are many options to choose from, choose plan that will suit you then click the select button.

c.) At the bottom of the page, you will see your cost summary, which shows the cost for those plans and how much is the employer contributing.

d.)Click Save and Continue.

4. Extra information – Fill out the form then click Save and Continue button

5. Sign the Forms –  Put extra information on the plan you choose, then click Sign the Form    button after entering your name, put a check on the terms and agreements box then click Save button.

6. After that, you will see all those forms being signed. All you have to do is to click  Save and Continue, and that’s it!

The next page shows the date your coverage will start, when will you get id cards, and it will show you that they are the ones who will send this to your insurance provider. No paperwork needed.

Employer Dashboard Overview


Employer Dashboard (

This is what you’re about to see in the employer dashboard once you signed benefits with Gusto.

a. Go to Benefits tab, and it will show you an overview of all the benefits and the number of employees enrolled to it.

b. Once you click the benefit you will see the number of days for a new hire to be eligible with the benefits, as well as the coverage of employer contribution. You will also see a breakdown of your employees to see what policy they enrolled at.

c. Click the View Complete Enrolment Info button, and you will see a summary of the employees and the plans they choose, their monthly premiums and employer’s contribution.

With Gusto’s top notch services, employees can now process their payroll and benefits in one platform. Gusto has the right tools that will bring excitement to employees like you, and be assured that benefits will be processed, giving you peace of mind everywhere you go. With everything being automated, you can focus more on bringing the best to your work.

No additional cost means no hassle! Sign up and try Gusto Today!