Becoming A Beacon of Change for Your Firm

Becoming A Beacon of Change for Your Firm

The world as we know it is changing and it’s moving really fast — Ever since the existence of cloud technology in the accounting industry, not only did it made a huge impact to the processes of several CPA firms, but it also played a huge part in today’s workforce as it raised their expectations and motivated accountants on having a higher purpose.



An Observation with Today’s Workforce

Years ago, most CPA firms does old-school tactics and are purely focused on doing critical calculations with the use of pencils, paper journals and handy dandy calculators. By that time, if you have a computer in your office, maybe the ones you can already count on are word publishing and offline spreadsheet applications.

Today’s world is different —  As per talent, they are looking for more creative ways of doing tasks, and not follow the usual boring routines in accounting. If they would be placed on a job like this where tasks seems tricky and difficult, surely they will find a way to make things easier, further stressing that “what if?” mindset.They want to find a way on how to cross those barriers, and improve their way of handling accounting processes every single week.

Revamping and Manumation

The idea of “revamping” is never a stranger to businesses, especially for some firms who are not yet ready to automate most of their practices. In hopes to improve, they are using this technique called manumation , a business jargon in which one uses technology to automate a certain process, and produce the same result that manual processes make.

There are always misconceptions with the words “revamp” and “new process”. To make my point straight, revamp means giving a new form to something. Call it a reboot or a rebrand, but still you can’t consider it as new process compared to complete seamless automation.

Remember that once you do manumation you must consider if are there any changes once you do it or will results come in a much faster way. Failure in keeping up with technology means stagnation,and it’s not a good sign for the firm if it want to gain success. As the saying goes “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Kickstarting Change

Here are some tips in order for you to do the first move and kickstart that change in your firm once you decide to try a new piece of technology:

1. Little by Little

Change never comes in a swift motion. It would be better to implement the changes step by step, so that your staff will never be overwhelmed with the changes that they will encounter. Little improvements will surely be seen as time progresses.

 2. Identifying Weak Points



Another tip is to talk with your staff and know if there are any processes in accounting that they’re uncomfortable with, or any struggles that they mostly encounter in their everyday practice. By that way of communicating you can help your team on identifying the problems, and consider if the system that you will use might help them on removing all those accounting roadblocks.

3. Conduct Your Own Brainstorming Session

Consult other firms for ideas – Make your own research and investigate on what solutions might suit your firm. Attending seminars and conferences can also help you learn new things. By participating in these kinds of events, you can adapt knowledge from the experiences shared by people in the same industry you’re working in.

4. Let Levels Do the Talking

Aside from learning the system yourself, it would also be helpful if you form a team to test and learn the fundamentals of the product. In forming this team you should pick members based on levels of ease in system usage. Top choices are those tech-savvy individuals who are always comfortable to use any system available, someone who doesn’t use technology that much but is familiar with how the system works, and those who are considered as old school individuals. The point of all these is to measure the system’s ease of use and find loopholes if any.

It’s a double-win situation if members from the team would know how to use the system, since not only employees can have a great learning experience, but you can also take that fear away of using technology from traditional accountants and motivate them to go the extra mile in their jobs as they adjust with the “digital shift”.

The Bottomline

Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success but metaphorically speaking, that doesn’t mean you should always take the long road and walk, while there is a vehicle out there, waiting for you to hop in and drive. That is what technology always wanted to remind us all this time, especially in a craft like accounting. The task is hard as it seems, but as long as you have that passion for work and the right tools to use, surely you can manage your time and deliver the best services to your clients. But still, it’s your decision if you would grab that opportunity technology is giving you, and become a champion of change in your accounting firm.