Beautifully Designed for Greatness: Xero Surpassed One Million Subscribers!

Beautifully Designed for Greatness: Xero Surpassed One Million Subscribers!

Wednesday — March 29, 2017 — It’s Official! Xero announced that the online accounting software had already surpassed one million subscribers! In only less than two years, Xero had already doubled the numbers of its users, boosting it up to nearly 300,000 subscribers in the course of last year.


Looking Back…

In a recent LinkedIn blog by Xero Founder and CEO Rod Drury, he mentioned that five years ago, he had this vision of having a “million customers” using Xero accounting software, and now that vision had become a reality. In his statement he said:

“Today we announced Xero passed 1 million subscribers worldwide on our global cloud accounting platform. It’s a milestone which seemed so far away when, just five years ago, at 50,000 subscribers we said to our shareholders “imagine what we look like at a million customers”. 

A New Beginning for Small Businesses

Over the years, Xero accounting software had brought the best in startups around the world. Merging the concepts of both accounting and technology, Xero had created a “beautiful” online accounting platform that automated the way businesses handle things like sales, purchases, inventory, payroll and many others — Making Xero a household name in other countries. And now that Xero makes its way to the Philippines. More startups can now thrive and adapt with cloud technology, thus paving the way to a new horizon for small businesses.

Why Businesses Need Xero?

There are many reasons on why Xero is a great game changer for business. Not only it’s “beautiful” in every way, but this amazing accounting platform could bring lots of benefits for startups like you:

  • Fast, Efficient, Reliable – Xero helps you create your invoices and bills in an instant.
  • Clear Insight on Everything – Get a clear view of your financials with the Xero Dashboard.
  • Portability – You can access your Xero account anytime, anywhere. This also comes with a cool mobile app too!
  • Connect with Everyone – Produce real-time collaboration with colleagues and advisors.
  • Automated Bank Feeds – Xero can generate feeds from your desired bank, and get results in real time.
  • No Installation Required – After creating your account, just setup your organization and you’re ready to go!
  • Effortless Reporting – Visualize your business and make sound decisions with Xero’s effective reporting tools.
  • Safe and Secured – Xero provides multiple layers of protection for your personal and financial data.

Xero is continuously changing the way businesses do accounting, and it can change yours too! Visit and learn more about the benefits it could bring to your business. You can also test out the features of Xero by signing up for a free trial.