Apple Pay and Xero : Teaming Up for Faster Mobile Payments

Apple Pay and Xero : Teaming Up for Faster Mobile Payments

Monday – December 5, 2016 — Xero accounting software launched their latest integration with Apple. Partnering with payment service company Stripe, Xero aims to allow small business users to view and pay invoices in Xero using Apple Pay through Stripe.


What Happens During Integration?

Apple Pay will be enabled automatically for Xero subscribers who uses Stripe as their payment service application. Using their Touch ID, customers will be able to confirm their payment without entering credit card details.

No need to do crucial manual reconciliations in Xero, since transactions in Apple Pay will be pushed and matched automatically with Xero invoices. Xero and Apple Pay working together will definitely help you save time and effort in processing transactions.

Enhanced Level of Security

It’s also believed that aside from a much faster turnaround, subscribers and startups would benefit from Apple Pay’s improved security measures, that will prevent fraud-related issues from happening.

As per security, small businesses which are getting paid via Stripe and Apple Pay could use  fingerprints and passcodes as their security measures when it comes to payments.

A Faster Way of Getting Paid Through Mobile

According to Xero Chief Technology Officer, Craig Walker, he believes in the concept of “mobile payments as the gateway to the future.”. In his recent statement, he said:

“Attaching a payment option to online invoices helps Xero customers get paid almost 80 percent faster than invoices that don’t use a payment service – so they spend less time chasing unpaid invoices for a more productive and cash healthy business,”

“By enabling these connections with payment services, small businesses are able to offer multiple payment options on an invoice, giving them and their customers choice of payment and also the ability to pay the invoice as soon as it arrives, ensuring they get paid faster.”

Cristina Cordova, Stripe’s Head of Business Development, also gave her insights regarding the collaboration as she stated:

“We’re excited to work closely with Xero to help hundreds of thousands of businesses use Apple Pay to get their invoices paid with little more than a fingerprint” .