7 Marketing Trends to Hit 2017

7 Marketing Trends to Hit 2017

The world of online marketing just keeps getting bigger, and better — 2016 was filled with new apps and trends that brought wonders to all sorts of life; and once we kick off the new year, expect that there would be more marketing strategies that businesses would utilize, which leads to the question: What are those marketing trends that would make the cut for 2017?



From One Trend to Another

Of course, social media marketing is an automatic contender for this list, but we will not deal with social media alone, for there are many ways on how one trend could pave the way for the the emergence of  another marketing strategy. This list will feature 7 amazing trends in marketing that you should watch out for 2017 based on user expectations and newest innovations in technology.

1. Native Advertising Still Got It…

First in our list is the continuous trend of Native Advertising.

Native Advertising is the current norm when it comes to strategies used in the world of marketing. Most brands think of it as the easiest way to promote their product. Still, although the technique was considered “so yesterday” by some, due to its furtive yet effective nature, it still has it when it comes to attracting consumers.

Businesses will look for more ways to get the attention of netizens, which is why we could anticipate 2017 to be filled with fresher concepts and improved kinds of native ads such as advertisements from popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as paid insert contents.

2. A Straightforward Demographic

For the next year, I might also add that most businesses would prefer to become straightforward when it comes to targeting their audiences. For 2017, marketers would focus on a “narrower” scale of demographics. It also mean that we’re about to see more personalized marketing content for consumers.

3. Free Streaming for Millennials

Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are the ones who had seen technology evolve through ages, and better yet they are the ones who amongst all generation types would easily adapt to this sudden “technology shift”.

As per today’s generation, most millennials would prefer using mobile phones than computers since it’s not bulky. Not only that, with mobile devices, they can listen to music with the help of the internet through streaming.

So for 2017, it’s imminent that millennials would be the target audiences of most businesses as they market their products and services through the use of free online streamings, for most millennials would rather listen in a music streaming website which has ads on it but is free rather than to pay for music streams.

4. Rise of Machines and Big Data

2017 is also expected to be the year where machines and evolved data analytics would take over the marketing world.

Chatbots was designed to provide a unique customer experience for everyday consumers, and are often used by companies to answer product inquiries. But in 2017, we’re expecting chatbots would become more essential to businesses.

Last September, Xero accounting software unveiled one of the newest member in their line of features called Diffbot, a chatbot for Facebook Messenger which runs through machine learning and can analyze big data. It’s like some sort of a digital “accounting buddy”, which can accommodate users of Xero for everyday accounting processes, and allows them to use Xero and Facebook Messenger at the same time.

5. Re-existence of the Radio

The radio was considered as one of the oldest forms of technology that is being used for broadcasting, and is seldomly used by today’s generation. But it seems like with the help of the internet, this broadcasting tool would make a huge comeback for 2017. The emergence of music streaming, podcasts, and other digital music services (e.g. Spotify, etc.), makes the functionalities of radio available, and alive in the world wide web.

6. Social Media Toppling Search Engines

There’s no denying that this is the era of social media. Millions of people around the world are using social media not only to get the latest world news, or even share photos with relatives and friends but as of late, social media had been also used by businesses, mostly for advertising purposes.

Expect 2017 to get bigger, as more doors of improvement for social media applications would open, and might also spawn new features that will alter the status quo.

For example, search engines like Chrome and Mozilla are designed for browsing purposes. However as of late, social media platforms like Facebook would also let you search for everything you need, from images and even products.

7. Advanced Video Marketing

Last but not the least is video marketing — In today’s generation, consumers would not just be convinced with the product if you just show them images of it. People want something that will help them visualize the product even better. Of course, it’s in the form of a corresponding video that will highlight the features of it.

For example, Youtube is a popular video website where you could watch everything. From product reviews, commercials, movie trailers and so much more. As for 2017, expect that more viral videos would air in the web, and that with the latest technology around, we might even see immersive videos which would give spectators a unique experience with the help of 360° degree view features.