6 Ways to Get Noticed By Millennial Clients

6 Ways to Get Noticed By Millennial Clients



An accounting firm should not only base its growth on excellence in handling financials, calculations, reporting and advisory, but it should also focus on client acquisition and retention. You should remember that in every generation, one thing that would connect your business with them is through proper engagement and creating strong relationships. Here are 6 ways on how you could attract clients especially on the millennial side, and build loyalty between both parties.

The DIY Generation’s Edge



In a report by JD Power, it showed that millennials had always been the much more edgier generation than baby boomers. Aside from the fact that millennials had lived through years of pop culture, they are also the ones who were properly acquainted with technology itself.

At the end of the day, millennials have that “I can do it better” perspective, and would become curious on how processes work. Sometimes they might even execute decisions differently.

1.  Client Comprehension

Millennial clients are these kinds of consumers who knows how to deal with technology, and likes to mingle with this kinds of digital stuff. Of course, they will look for an accounting firm which like them, has the same mind wave when it comes to technological advancement.

2. Embrace Technology

This is one of the most basic solutions if you’re a traditional accounting firm, and is dealing with millennial clients. If you are this firm who is still indecisive or shows no interest in doing the “technology shift”, then I would suggest that you do it now.

Consider compliance of federal and state laws as a bonus point, but having technology at your fingertips would boost productivity, and it can also provide a comfortable experience with your clients, knowing that their books are in good hands.

3. A Cool Website with Mobile Optimization Features

Create a website which will introduce your company, as well as your professional services to the internet. Adding a cool yet professional design to your website can attract clients, and it’s also applicable to do mobile optimization for your website since every technology in this world as of now revolves through mobile.

4. Making Heads Turn

In any business, one thing that customers would always dig is value. For example, you build a website for your firm, and in that website you have several subscriptions, indicating the level of service you’re providing. The thing that matters is “how many people would come visit my website and subscribe?”

Always remember that not all people who would visit your website will come back. Keep in mind that you must always have something which will keep them coming. For example, there are websites out there which not only have subscription plans with flexible prices, but also has mobile application which clients could try on (since most people would want something that they can touch, swipe and would give them a unique mobile experience.)

5. Do Some Blogs and Email Marketing

Once you had developed a website, the other thing that you should focus on is content. Aside from those cheesy catchphrases, blogs are the best kinds of written content that you can put on your website, since it can exhibit your knowledge on accounting topics. Email Marketing is another good option, where you can introduce your brand through the use of e-mail.

6. Connecting Through Social Activity

Next step is to create an account which will further promote your accounting firm to netizens in social media. Remember that most millennials are the ones who uses social media sites 24/7, and creating an account means big opportunity to gain clients. Once you posted something in social media, expect that there would also be inquiries that will come from those who would visit your account, so you also have to be responsive in those comments.

Aside from using social media, there are many other ways on retaining this kind of connection with millennial clients. Probably, one of the most advanced way of doing it is through conducting webinars or even video conferencing and online meetings. That way, you could teach, advise your clients, and maybe even coach aspiring millennial business owners when it comes to how they should properly manage their financials.