5 Ways to Stay Productive at Work Even During the Holidays

5 Ways to Stay Productive at Work Even During the Holidays

“Tis the season to be jolly!” — This phrase alone can simply describe the holidays itself. Probably at this point forward, the ambiance of the yuletide season can easily be felt everywhere. With several stores selling santa hats and toys, companies celebrating their own christmas parties as well as other year end celebration so to speak, and of course, the hums of christmas carols echoing on the air.


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Now, things might be a little difficult if you’re an employee who often gets distracted by the holiday rush. Imagine all that excitement of spending quality time with your loved ones, only to be blocked by those piles of folders at your desk. Sometimes this might squash off your work momentum, thus losing your productivity. The truth is that we can’t change that, but we can do some actions on how we could lessen that excitement (well just days before the holidays). Here are 5 ways on how you could stay focused and productive even during the holiday season!

1. Remind Yourself to Keep Focused

Of course, one of the most obvious solution is to remind yourself that you are at work, and that you’re at your desk to earn some money and get things done. The holidays are here to remind us to have fun, but that doesn’t mean that you can already take your focus off the things that are much more important. Metaphorically speaking: “It’s like you who needs to sow the seeds first before you harvest the fruits.”

2. Make a List, then Jot Down Objectives

Another good way to maintain focus during the holidays is to create a list of the things that you need to do. This is for you to ensure that all tasks are done before you leave the office for your yuletide vacation.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to just write off those tasks in your head and memorize it. Expect that there would always be possibilities of you forgetting tasks once you do this. What you need to have is a straight path for the things that you should accomplish. Try to write off a checklist containing your daily task for the week before the holidays, and be able to identify the tasks, from the most to the least important ones.

3. Evaluate Your Own Performance

Once your shift comes to a close, try to take a look back on the things that you had fulfilled for today’s work. One of the best ways to have that comprehensive list is your daily progress report (if you have one) that you’re sending to either your clients or supervisors.

If you have your list with you, then you can make cross checkings between your list and progress report, to check if every task that you have in your pipeline was finished. You can also do some evaluations with the performance that you’ve given for that day’s work, and see if you still have some improvements to do. You don’t need anyone to help you evaluate your performance since it’s you who really knows yourself, and how you contributed your energy, time and brain to accomplish all those tasks.

4. Do Tasks As Early As Possible

One of the things which keeps workers busy during the holidays are tasks that are not finished in due time, which results to the employee rushing before their vacation. So, to prevent these kinds of dilemmas from happening. It would be best if you finish your tasks as early as possible. This may help you avoid the hassle of doing tasks during your remaining work days.

5. Visit Emails Once Everyday

Aside from post holiday syndrome, another problem that occurs to most employees once they return to work are huge volumes of email messages in their inbox. Not only it’s seems a bit annoying for one to sort all those messages out, but the fact that it wastes a lot of time truly makes it disastrous.

Email segregation is one of the most convenient ways on how you could avoid seeing too much messages in your inbox. I would suggest that you visit your emails once a day to see if new emails are coming in. It’s not only for you to be updated with everything despite the holidays, but it also helps you avoid getting shocked with the number of email messages in your inbox once you return to work.