4 Reasons to Join the Mobile App Revolution

4 Reasons to Join the Mobile App Revolution

Mobile application is the current trend when it comes to business. With its convenient features, it naturally fits with today’s clients who are always on the move and likes to spend their time using mobile devices. Even most accounting firms as of late are trying to gamble, and develop their own mobile application in hopes to evolve their way of doing business, since expectations among mobile users are growing as time changes. Here are 4 reasons on why your accounting firm should also develop a mobile app, and join the revolution.



1. Mobile Optimization as a Trend



Smartphone usage is rapidly increasing everyday. In fact, when it comes to the modern era, most people usually spends their mobile phone time using applications. Well, if you’ll compare it to bulky desktop computers, people would rather stick with their mobile device since it’s portable, all the apps they need is in one place and they can even do multi tasking with it.

Mobile optimization is slowly making its way to the business world as some companies are making sure that their websites can also be accessed on mobile. People can look for advisors, and even read blogs with it, they can even take a snapshot of their receipts using the camera on their smartphones.

When it comes to accounting, there are also applications which can also be accessed through mobile phones and with that, people can process invoices, pay their bills and do bank reconciliation straight from their device.

2. New Way of Expanding your Firm

Having a mobile application can help you re-introduce you firm to the world. With reinforcing your firm’s branding, you can find ways on how to promote the services that your CPA firm provides. The more they access your application and the more it can be downloaded on multiple platforms, the more it increases your exposure and helps your firm to reach the next step. Imagine your CPA firm, evolving from a simple office to a multi-dollar company. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

3. Higher Expectation for CPAs



Clients nowadays are looking for advisors who are not only knowledgeable in crunching numbers and performing other accounting tasks, but also knows how to adapt with the latest applications around, and can do effective engagement with clients.

Some accounting firms doesn’t succeed, not because of malpractice from some advisors, but because of disengagement. Clients likes CPAs who engage them digitally, and If you could develop a mobile CPA app, then the higher the possibilities of clients coming to you, which strengthens the accessibility and reliability of your CPA firm.

4. Technology as a Challenge

The issue of technology being a friend or foe to business is still debatable these days. Like the two sides of a coin, some companies are seeing technology as an opportunity which can lessen their hardships on manual processing, while some sees technology as a waste of money.

Another challenge that most firms are experiencing is this thing called “inertia of success”, in which a company just sits on its laurels and do nothing despite of competitors making the change. Of course, this one is quite critical, since it might lead a business to jeopardy because of lesser progress and improvement.

This is the main challenge of technology to all of us — it’s like that golden ticket to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, an opportunity which invites us to cross that line, make the change and become better. In the end it always depend on the choices that we make and on how we really see technology, if it’s a threat or opportunity. The mobile revolution is truly upon us, and all we have to do is to decide on what’s best for our firm.