4 Best Social Media Platforms for Accountants

4 Best Social Media Platforms for Accountants

Most B2Bs are seeing social media as the next big thing in the world of marketing, since it can help you expand, gain new clients and lets you create effective business propagandas with less budget.

As of now, social media platforms can also be used for businesses such as accounting firms, since today’s accountants are often considered as millennials who combines their accounting approach with the presence of technology. Here are 4 of the best social media platforms that you can use to expand your accounting firm.



Considering Social Media Platform to Use

Once you start using social media as a tool for growing your business, you should consider the following factors:

  • Who are your Audiences?
  • What your Audiences Want?
  • What do Most of your Audiences are Searching?
  • What are your Motives on Posting Content?

1. Facebook

By far, with over 1.3 billion users, Facebook is considered as one of the largest social media platforms existing. People are using this application for both personal and business purposes. As of now, it’s easy to assume that everyone has their own Facebook account.

Facebook is designed as an efficient marketing tool where you can do short and long postings and include videos in your contents. With this platform you can promote your firm and elaborate its services to the world and not only that, you can also spark conversation with people in social media and build close relationship with them.

2. Twitter

Twitter is best recommended whenever there’s an event coming for your firm, and you want to keep your followers updated with the latest proceedings on the event. The best part is that you get to create your own tweets and make your voice be heard in social media.

You can also read tweets and day-to-day information from other leaders of the industry. This is also the best option if you want to share links for articles, other types of written content and videos on social media. It is also recommended for engaging communication with clients, and be able to know the customer’s feedback on your services.

3. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform especially for B2B companies. This platform works efficiently if you are looking to connect with clients or even recruit job seekers for your business.

But unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin provides a different approach when it comes to social media optimization, since you can use this to view company pages and business themed portfolios of people.

To use LinkedIn effectively for your business, you must first setup and complete your profile so that you can easily introduce yourself to them and elaborate the purpose of your business. Then after that you can start connecting with other people, businesses and industry leaders. The more you connect, the more doors of opportunities will open for your firm.

4. Google+

Often considered as an alternative to Facebook, Google+ can also be used as a tool for expanding your accounting firm. This social media platform can help you create stories, as well as share photos and contents with the use of links.

Circles in Google+ lets you add talents and industries to your circles and organize all of them in your Google+ account. Furthermore, you can create communities and join them as well.

Google Hangouts is another feature in Google+ where you can chat and engage communication with anyone in your contacts, conduct meetings with your team and host webinars for a set of audiences.